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AIDI Pro Bacterial strengthens the position of good bacteria, which results in pigeons that are well feathered and are particularly eager to train hard. AIDI Pro Bacterial improves food digestion and it enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Good health, immunity, resistance and vitality – it all starts with a healthy gut flora. Maintaining and promoting a good gut flora puts you three steps ahead.
There are millions of bacteria, both good and bad, living in the gut. In normal circumstances the good bacteria will be in the majority, providing natural defense and immunity. Bad bacteria on the other hand cause diseases. That is why a proper balance is of utmost importance.
There are several factors that can disturb that balance, including:

  • Unbalanced or contaminated feed in the  transport baskets
  • Contaminated or soiled drinking water, for instance during transport
  • Stress caused by overcrowded pigeon lofts, transit to the release site, etc.
  • The use of antibiotics. Remember that these not only kill the bad but also the good bacteria.
  • Tiredness caused by racing too often or competing in very demanding races, causing pigeons to go over the limit.

Use: In the breeding, moulting and racing season and the resting period: 10ml per liter of water  to be replenished daily, or add 10ml to 600g of feed. Remember to properly aerate tap water, since it contains chlorine, which is detrimental to living micro organisms. Please note: Over time AIDI Pro Bacterial can have a tendency to flake slightly. This is completely normal and has absolutely no impact on quality.


Aidi Pro-Bacterial 1000ml

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