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All Feed and Products are Imported Directly from the Manufacturer in Europe. 

We stand by these products and will not settle for anything less!

We don't work with any resellers.


Multipurpose, complete and perfectly matched to the requirements of your pigeons. Easy to use for achieving excellent results during breeding, racing and moulting, these are the basic principles of our BEYERS GALAXY mixtures. Mixtures that meet the requirements of the modern racing pigeon, which gets to withstand an ever increasing work load on a regular basis. Each GALAXY mixture consists of at least 4 different types of maize, including the authentic red Bordeaux maize.

AIDI Mix 1 is part of our range of racing mixtures with which a program from the shortest to the longest distance can be completed.

AIDI Mix 1 is easily digestible, has a high absorbability and leaves little waste after incineration. This allows pigeons to fly faster for longer and to recover very quickly, making it possible to train your animals more intensively and to fly competitions.

The raw fiber present in AIDI Mix 1 has a cleaning effect and keeps the intestinal flora in optimal condition. The high absorbable protein content in AIDI Mix 1 allows muscles to recuperate quickly, while the relatively high fat content immediately provides the energy for the next flight.

Bordeaux maize, Cribbs maize, wheat, barley, red milo, white dari,  safflower, linseed, hempseed, millet, canary seed, buckwheat, katjang idjoe, toasted soy

Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 7.3
Crude protein: 12.4
Absorbable protein: 7.3
Carbohydrates: 59.9
Convertible energy: Kcal. 3277
Raw fiber: 7.1 
Omega ratio: 5.6 - 1 

Aidi Mix 1_8374.jpg

AIDI Mix 2

This renewed composition of AIDI Mix 2 meets the needs of our athletes even better.

The consciously chosen small-sized grains and pods ensure better distribution and absorption. As with all our other mixtures, the use of naturally dried corn, which contains a higher proportion of sugars and starches, ensures an increased nutritional value.
Racing pigeons have a high protein requirement. However, the condition is that not the raw, but the absorbable protein content is high enough to allow pigeons to successfully complete the consecutive competitions. The right balance between keeping the metabolism going and providing it with the necessary amino acids is the key to success here. AIDI Mix 2 can be given up to 3 days before the flight.

Bordeaux Cribbs maize, small yellow Cribbs maize, wheat, red milo, white dari, peeled oats, round rice, cardi, linseed, rapeseed, hempseed, canary seed, katjang idjoe, toasted soya, small green peas.

Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 11.40
Crude protein: 15.23
Absorbable protein: 8.07
Carbohydrates: 51.92
Convertible energy: Kcal. 3551
Raw fiber: 7.54 
Omega ratio: 3.5 - 1

AIDI Mix 2_2933.jpg

AIDI Mix 3

AIDI Mix 3 is a particularly energy-rich mixture that provides our athletes with the necessary fuel by means of the high and varied supply of different fatty acids.

These fatty acids ensure that AIDI Mix 3 not only ensures the build-up of the necessary fat reserves for the flight, but is also particularly suitable to guarantee a very fast recovery upon arrival. Depending on the number of flying hours to be provided, to be used from 1 to 3 days before basketing. 

Bordeaux maize, popcorn maize, small cribbs maize, wheat, red milo, white dari, peeled oats, barley, round rice, cardi, sun kernels, hulled sun kernels, linseed, rapeseed, hempseed, millet, canary seed, katjang idjoe, toasted soy.

Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 13.52
Crude protein: 13.95
Absorbable protein: 8.24
Carbohydrates: 50.63
Convertible energy: Kcal. 3695
Raw fiber: 7.90 
Omega ratio: 3.9 - 1  

Aidi Mix 3_3596.jpg
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