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AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra


AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra contains lecithin, which ensures a faster, higher and more efficient absorption of these fatty acids in the body.

This allows our pigeons to fly more often and more competition kilometers without any problems. Lecithin also has the property of positively influencing the functioning of the brain and the ability to orient. AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra ensures a particularly tight and smooth plumage.

AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra is a composition of omega-3 oils to which lecithin has been added. Its daily use significantly improves the omega 3-6 ratio of the feed. This ensures a remarkably better health and condition of the pigeons. The unique composition also gives extra energy to our animals, which allows them to recover faster and perform better on competitions. Better omega 3-6 ratios in the daily ration are clearly visible in the plumage. Doves are always nice and tight in their suit.


Directions for use:
AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra can be given daily throughout the year during breeding, moulting and especially during the flying period. Once a day, preferably in the evening, mix 5ml with 1kg of feed.
AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra can also be used perfectly to make other powdered nutritional supplements stick to the feed.

Shake well before use.

TIP: In the morning, mix the oil with the food for dinner. This allows them to have sufficient opportunity to enter the feed.

AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra 500ml

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