Supra Elixir + ginseng by Oropharma - Versele Laga is a liquid conditioner for pigeons. Scientifically developed tonic, free of doping, enriched with ginseng. Improves the general metabolic activity and builds up the form.

- Improves the general metabolism
- Develops condition
- Increases the performance ability
- Has a beneficial effect in cases of stomach and digestive disorders (eg amongst youngsters)
- Supports normal liver function
- Improves the absorption of the feed
- Increases drive in widowers

Direction for use:
To be administered during the racing season and in the moulting period and also to young pigeons. Once a week mix 10 ml of Supra Elixir in 1 litre of drinking water. In cases of field-poisoning: 10 ml of Supra Elixir per litre dinking water, till all symptoms have disappeared. 

Supra Elixir + Ginseng (250 ml)

Supra Elixir + Ginseng (250 ml)

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