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Lubisan - Floor White


Excilent Product - New to the US market.



To prevent the occurrence of many diseases, and if they arise supportive treatment, protection of animals against infection, safe use in the presence of humans and animals, modern, ecological and non-toxic environmentally friendly product, easy to use.

Prevention of the development of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, neutralizing of odors, reduction of harmful gases from the environment, drying of the substrate and moisture absorption - special use during floods, maintenance of proper climate in the animal housing and improvement of breeding conditions, effective control Large larvae reproduce in the litter and storage areas of manure.

Reducing the number of diseases in the herd, limiting the use of antibiotics and other therapeutic agents, increasing the weight in animals, decreasing fall, better use of feed, better quality of meat, improvement of animal hair and feathering, reduction of fattening of animals, Content of nitrogen compounds in slurry and manure.


Directions for use:


The preparation is applied to the disinfected surface after mechanical cleaning or directly to the bedding by evenly sprinkling. Prior to laying litter dose recommended 100g / m2. If we start the first time disinfection the dose is also 100g / m2. Then the preparation is applied at a dose of 50g / m2, evenly disinfected disinfected surface such as litter, concrete or wooden floor for the next three days and then once a week according to the table. In the presence of animals dosage of 50g / m2. It is preferable to apply LUBISAN at the same time when symptoms appear, where food and water are administered. The adult hand holds about 50g of the preparation. LUBISAN disinfects the walls of rooms in the dose of 1kg Lubisan for 1.5 liters of water. That's about 15m2.



Lubisan 1kg

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