Ecocure by Oropharma - Versele Laga for pigeons, Oropharma Ecocure is an intestinal stabilizer based on oregano and natural organic acids. It prevents disrupted intestinal function, is very useful with bacterial intestinal infections (E. coli, Salmonella...) and improves the quality of the drinking water. It is recommended with break outs of adeno-coli (diarrhoea in young pigeons). Ecocure contains in additon to natural organic acids, the oil of the plant Origanum hyrti. Souring the drinking water prevents the development of harmful micro-organisms. Absorption of Ecocure promotes a normal acidity of the stomach and intestines. The level of acidity in the intestines is optimal for good intestinal bacteria and less beneficial for the development of harmful bacteria. Ecocure is particularly useful in break outs of adeno-coli in young pigeons. The concentrated oil of Origanum hyrti contains phenols that have a stabilizing and protective function in the intestine.

Directions for use:
2 bottle tops (10 ml) of Ecocure per litre of drinking water.
In young pigeons: three times a week.
In older pigeons: once a week.

Analytical constituents:
 Crude protein       0      %
 Crude fat       1,18      %
 Crude ash       0,04      %
 Crude fibre       0      %
 Lysine       0      mg/kg
 Methionine       0      mg/kg
 Sodium       121      mg/kg
 Sensory additives               
 Greek oregano oil       4.940      mg/kg
 Technological additives               
 E270 - Lactic acid               

 Propylene glycol              

 Liquid sorbitol

Ecocure (250 ml)

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