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AIDI Condition Booster


AIDI Condition Booster, this specific composition of vitamins, amino acids and minerals is a perfect condition tonic that is particularly recommended to bring and keep pigeons in top condition during the racing season.

AIDI Condition Booster activates the metabolism, ensures greater stamina, better oxygen absorption and has a very beneficial effect on muscle function. Helps against fatigue and muscle cramps. AIDI Condition Booster also ensures an optimal condition and builds up more energy and energy reserves, making it highly performance-enhancing.
AIDI Condition Booster has an increased effect through simultaneous administration with AIDI Carbo Boost .


Directions for use:
10ml per liter of drinking water or over 300g of feed for 20 pigeons.

During the racing season: the day before basketing.
After illness: 2-3 days.
In case of poor training due to less good condition: 2-5 days together with AIDI Carbo Boost .

AIDI Condition Booster 1,000ml

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