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AIDI Recup Fast

When returning from competitions, it is particularly important for the pigeon to be able to replenish the used reserves as quickly as possible.

It is equally important to provide our animals with all the necessary building materials for a quick recovery of the damaged muscle cells.
In the first instance, these are simple as well as multiple sugars - carbohydrates, immediately available fatty acids and building materials for proteins. AIDI Recup Fast contains these necessary ingredients in the correct proportions for quick recovery and optimal recovery. AIDI Recup Fast is a water-soluble mixture of immediately and easily absorbed energy, recovery and building materials.  AIDI Recup Fast is the product of choice for rapid recovery and recovery after the flight.

Directions for use:
Provide 4 measuring spoons (20g) per liter of drinking water immediately after returning home. Due to loss of quality due to oxidation of light and air, it is recommended to refresh the mixture after half an hour.

AIDI Recup Fast 500g

SKU: 0012
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