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AIDI Probiotics Plus

AIDI Probiotics Plus is a highly concentrated pre- and probiotic mix to promote the natural resistance and immunity of the pigeon.

AIDI Probiotics Plus ensures the preservation, strengthening and repair of the intestinal flora and the resistance, so that our pigeons become ill less quickly. The high concentration of lactobacilli in AIDI Probiotics Plus settle and multiply in the mucous membranes of the small intestine. In this way, they ensure an optimal digestion of the nutrients and displace pathogenic bacteria and fungi. This in turn results in excellent vitality and health and a silky soft plumage.

Directions for use:
Mix 3 measuring spoons (15g) with 1kg of feed. First moisten the food with AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra .

During the racing season: 1 day before basketing to improve the condition.
During the moulting and breeding period: 2x per week.
After antibiotics or vaccination: 3 days 1x per day.

AIDI Probiotica Plus

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