AIDI Condition Plus Minerals

This AIDI Condition Plus Minerals is a new mineral mixture that ensures optimal health and condition of your pigeons during the racing, breeding and moulting season.

It has been developed based on the latest scientific knowledge in pigeon nutrition. This mixture contains different minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

AIDI Condition Plus Minerals is a mixture that your pigeons will be particularly fond of. It contains all necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins that our athletes need for optimal breeding, and for optimal performance when racing.

AIDI Condition Plus Minerals has a high calcium content in relation to phosphorus, while the gizzard stones promote proper digestion of the feed. The stomach gravel in this mixture ensures optimal digestion.  AIDI Condition Plus Minerals will correct dietary deficiencies the proper way.

User instructions:
AIDI Condition Plus Minerals can be given to the pigeons the whole year round, about 2 or 3 times a week.

We recommend mixing some small seeds into the minerals before feeding it to your pigeons.

Racing season: 2 days before basketing and when they come back from the race.
Breeding season: While breeding eggs, twice a week. When the youngsters are 4-5 days old, every day.

To be stored in a dry place, protected from light!

AIDI Condition Plus Minerals 1,750kg

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