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AIDI Carbo Boost

AIDI Carbo Boost is a scientifically balanced high-grade energy mixture that promotes healthy muscle function.

The unique formula of AIDI Carbo Boost allows the organism to build glycogen more quickly, in turn allowing the pigeons to fly at higher speeds for longer periods of time.

We added antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes to our AIDI Carbo Boost, and these will help protect the body cells, increase stress resistance and help regulate the water balance in the body during transport, as well as in training and races.

User instructions:
Add 1 measuring cup (10g) to 600g  of feed once a day. Start by pouring some AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra over the feed first.

Racing Season: one to two days prior to basketing.
Use 3 to 5 days in a row to get your pigeons to train harder, together with AIDI Condition Booster.

AIDI Carbo Boost 500g

SKU: 0016
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