AIDI Calcium Forte

AIDI Calcium Forte is a newly developed and superior mineral mixture.

It contains all the essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids to compensate for any nutrient deficiencies that occur in the racing, the breeding and the moulting season.

AIDI Calcium Forte is low in phosphorus and high in calcium, which makes this mixture highly digestible. AIDI Calcium Forte  improves the functioning of the organism during strenuous efforts, such as racing, raising youngsters or growing new feathers.

AIDI Calcium Forte spectacularly improves your birds’ breeding and racing abilities. Thanks to its specific structure, pigeons are fond of this easily digestible mixture.

User instructions:
From the pairing until the laying of the eggs: once a day.
During the youngsters’ nesting period: 3 x a week.
Racing season: 1 x a week, 3 days before basketing. 
Moulting season: 3 x a week.

AIDI Calcium Forte is to be provided in the loft in small cups, within the pigeons’ reach.

AIDI Calcium Forte 1,750kg

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